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wants a 大名 with a big sword
03 November 2011 @ 08:55 pm
Guuh the recomen rips. EPIC ALBUM WILL BE SO EPIC ♥__♥ I was already IN LOVE SO IN LOVE sdhfkjsdfjkds with Monjai Beat and basically everything I've heard (and seen s;dskjd *__*) so far is ~~AWESOME~~.

I wasn't really blown away with KT's Birth, though :\ I hope the bsides are really awesome? >_>; Star rider does sound like something that could potentially be epic. a la cosmic child

I did enjoy the first episode of Bemu :D it was entertaining and CUTENESS.♥ I couldn't really see Kame as anything else than... Kame XD;; but he looks really good and I loved Anne and Fuku as well~ also, Kitamura Kazuki *_* I'd only ever seen him in Akihabara@DEEP before where he plays evil way too well XD HOW IS HE SUDDENLY SO CUTE AND FLUFFY ♥

I also saw the first episode of dachitabi and my reaction was basically 'what is this. what. LOL. LOOOOOOOOOL. LOLOLOLOL. I still don't know what this is trying to be. XDDD;'

at least the marumassu combi means ~ENDLESS CUTE~. :3 :3

that is all.

wants a 大名 with a big sword
07 October 2011 @ 02:56 pm
I can't deal with this, guys. I'm actually sobbing and I just. I can't.
wants a 大名 with a big sword
30 September 2011 @ 08:55 pm
sotsugyoushiki was yesterday so I'm now ~officially~ a bachelor of arts. yay :D!♥

my mother gave me the Glee season 2 dvd box as a graduation present. wooh intelligent entertainment XD

also my little sister got her driver's license :D it's kind of weird that she can drive already *_* but she's a great driver and now I've got someone else willing to take me to/from the station at times XD (at least for now while it's still exciting I suppose :P)

I just watched the last midnight episode of Shiwake eito. I will miss Shimizu-san ;_;

I mean at least we get to keep Maru, but :P

also, looking forward to more episodes of Johnny's Ai 8]♥ I really enjoy those -- perhaps in great part due to Hina's INTENSE DISAPPOINTMENT at failure. :') not so much looking forward to more actor's name guessing, though, kind of bored with that by now XD

random, but I figured I'd flail about shiwake more on here. I watch it every week and I adore it and s;ldkjfks♥ but I always forget to flail about things on lj >_>;;;

speaking of watching things (lol, segue), I'm going to see Gantz with buzzbird this sunday in actual ~cinema sort of thing. We are going mostly just to laugh at Nino, though. YAY FUNTIMES. :D

also it was buzzbird's birthday yesterday (♥). She prompted me fic ages ago, and while I still really really want to finish it someday, what with the MA being terrifyingly busy (and a 'hols that I still need to finish at some point...) it will probably take ~forever~. So, here's a short drabble thingy from it, for shits and giggles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :P I hope you like it a bit already XD ♥♥ even though it doesn't have epic kidnap attempts yet

anyway. she asked for papa!Maru. This is Jin being Not Amused about it.

HanakoCollapse )
wants a 大名 with a big sword
17 September 2011 @ 04:58 pm
SURVIVED the first week of the Japanese studies master 8D

It'll be hard work 8| but if all goes well, ~amazing Japanese skillz~ will be mine and also YEAR IN JAPAN~~ 8]

which is mostly what I'm doing it for, tbqh. We've already had to hand in a choice of universities in Japan + a statement of intent and S;DSLJFKSD excited. *__* we were supposed to get the results last friday but the email titled 'YOUR PLACEMENT AT A JAPANESE UNIVERSITY' was just epic trolling and informed us it was going to take a while longer due to budget issues or whatever. :|

My top 3 choices were Sophia university (Tokyo), Kyoto university and Rikkyo university (Tokyo), in that order, because I want to do my MA thesis in sociology and those are the most relevant universities available to us in that field. *__* HOPE. I am forever dokidoki until they let us knowwww.

Also, proof I watched entirely too many Kanjani8 TV this summer: I had to read part of a text out loud in class and my Japanese teacher was like '... Have you spent time in Kansai? >__> You pronounce things like a Kansaijin >__>'. and I was like, no, I just. watch a lot of TV? 8D;

I feel this is a good enough excuse to forever use AKAN!!!/newfavoriteword

There was also a film showing at the university about radiation (Radiation: a slow death by Kamanaka Hitomi, if I remember correctly) and there's a debate about Japan's triple disaster with experts etc. next week. relevant~ The film was really interesting. and just. guh. when the film ended the entire room was just '... *________*' it's so. I have no words, really. Very impressive. and very terrifying.

aaaand I should really be writing a letter of motivation in Japanese at the moment, so I'll get on that~~

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wants a 大名 with a big sword
12 September 2011 @ 11:17 pm
I was watching the Shiwake eito special(which is AWESOME s;;fjkdslfj♥ my internet only wanted to play a really bad quality stream but SO WORTH IT. I adore this show♥♥) and there was a question about ~the best female singer in Japanese history, or something along those lines. And a lot of people mentioned Misora Hibari - whom I'd never heard of so I looked her up on youtube.

I needed about 10 seconds to figure out her voice is ~amazing~. *___*


*_____*♥ I just. ide. love.
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