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will write for donations

○ There is a fundraiser for the typhoon in the Philippines going on at help_pilipinas, here, where you can buy drabbles (of about 1K, I believe) for a dollar and help out. :D

I signed up to write drabbles, so if I can write something for any of you, that'd be awesome! :3 ♥

○ Happy Early New Year ♥♥♥♥~! I hope you all have a fun new year's eve and an epic amazing wonderful sparkly 2012!♥
buzzbird is coming to my place so exciting funtimes will be had here. \:D/ I heard the countdown won't be televised? DDDD: all my cries, I want my intergroup crazies. ): but we'll at least have the Picon, the K8 countdown I haven't seen yet and more sparkles and films (she just got on the train and I desperately hope she forgot to bring the Titanic, or I may have to live through that too find creative ways of getting out of that)

○ also. Jin's hairporn anan is gorgeous. Pi is still gorgeous in his crazy suit. je_holiday is awesome. I love all things about this interview. K8 is amazing by default. and gingerbread cupcakes are delicious.

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