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Happy new year flist ♥

I had a buzzbird for new year's which was so much awesome fun. :D We also watched ~~all the things, and I need to flail about the Picon and the Countdown a bit. 8|v

s'dfklhsjkdsak Yamapi. *________* ALL THE AWARDS ALL THE LOVE ALL THE SPARKLES ALL MY HEART JUST ALL OF IT. I just. The man is just pure perfection. He did so well, so incredibly well, and he was so happy and amazing. *_* I loved the con and the documentary so much and undying fire of Pi love in my heart >__>♥♥

countdown! RYOKO AND HER VEGETABLES IS THE BEST THING ON TV EVER EVER EVER. EVER EVER EVER. It is the most hilarious thing ever and there is nothing better and I just want to watch it forever. also. we made inhuman noises when KT did musekinin hero, I have ALL the love for Massu's hair, Andalucia was epic and just guys. the vegetables.

we also watched the k8 countdown dvd of a few years back, which I hadn't seen yet, and it was flawless, god they're good, but I will need to watch it again sometime when I'm not sitting there the entire concert expecting an actual countdown moment XD;

In other news, I won't be going to Japan in february-march after all. )): I really wanted to go, but it would be rush work, and considering that and the fact that I have still really, slightly-terrifyingly zero ability to cope with stress it would not be the best idea. XD; I will just have to make seriously epic plans for a trip at the end of the year, when I'm done with my internship. 8|v seriously epic

I am going to Spain for a week this Tuesday, mostly to clean and arrange things and buy stuff (like pillows! and bed sheets! so we can live sleep! XD) and also to see if I can get to the company where I'll be working by bus etc. relevant information. XD

I will have the help_pilipinas drabbles done before I leave :)v
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