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[pimp] and I'll call it Maru and it will be my squishy.


I really love Maru. And with that I mean I absolutely adore the guy and want to take him home and cuddle him all the time because he's the cutest thing ever. ♥ And instead of structurally overlooking him, you should love him too.

I've given it great thought I'm making this up as I go along, but I conclude there can be three reasons for blatantly ignoring him. A) You simply don't know yet how awesome he is. B) You have no heart. D: Or C) You keep getting distracted by shiny things. If the last is the case I can promise you right now, you can love Maru to pieces and still see Jin thrusting his hips from the corner of your eyes. Easily. If A is the case, HELLO. PLEASE BE PIMPED PROPERLY, THANK YOU. *BEAMS*

Maru can be sexy, happy <i>and</i> he looks good in a suit.

the stark biographical facts (as-nicked-from-wikipediatm)

Name: 中丸雄一
Name (romaji): Nakamaru Yuichi (Nakamaru Yuuichi, to be correct.)
Nicknames: Yuu, Yucchi, Maru
Birthdate: September 4, 1983
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 176cm
Weight: 55kg
Star Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Family: Two younger sisters

Or, to recap, his name is Nakamaru (... I- I hope you at least knew that), he's 24 years old, he belongs to the tallest half of KAT-TUN and (his own words) he is surrounded by women.

I bet you were just dying to know that. Moving on-

yes, but- who is he?

I think we've established that Maru is very underrated. He even underrates himself D:

He only thinks he is sexy for four seconds a day. OH MARU. This is one of my favourite interviews ever. He thinks he's only sexy for four seconds a day, two seconds before he showers and two seconds after, while he's looking at himself naked. Take me now please, thank you. *___*
● At YouTachi (- a talkshow. Maru and Koki were amonst the hosts. It doesn't run anymore, though.) they also decided Maru was too ordinary. Maru had to prove he wasn't (futsu ja nai!) by beatboxing on a scream machine (subbed), beatboxing on a rollercoaster, beatboxing in a haunted house and beatboxing on a waterride. He screamed his lungs out everytime, his girly screams rivalling Jin's.

He is also ridiculously adorable, sweet and silly. He always fails a little and gets embarassed and it's awesome. He's KAT-TUN's peacemaker and the one that everyone likes. After Junno, he's probably the one who gets teased the most, but it's always affectionate teasing. ♥ (WHAT? IT IS.) And I only notice now how I suck at summarizing people :DD He's just really awesome and a total sweetheart. If I can't tell it properly, let them do it for me:

Translations (Jweb, interviews)
Translations of Maru's Jweb Maru in his own words. We can follow his diet and everything. ♥
● It was one of his Jweb entries, but a translation has also been posted on LJ: Maru talks about all the other members of KAT-TUN. I thought this deserved a special mention because it's really sweet. :D (and Koki wrote a reply to it.)
● A pretty old interview, from 2006, but still fun: Maru/Koki crosstalk
KAT-TUN talks about KAT-TUN. Skip to the Maru parts :3 As a special mention, I quote Ueda: "Nakamaru has the best personality. When I’m with you I feel calm. You have a personality that allows you to mix well with anyone, it's enviable." This is what I'm talking about, people. ♥
Jin loves Maru a lot, and Maru thought Jin was a weird kid.
KAT-TUN interview. Maru talks about his onsen trip with Ueda and other stuff.

TV appearances:
● If you haven't already (I think everyone already did, but you never know) watch all of cartoon KAT-TUN right now. The subbed episodes, or the raw ones. I especially recommend the Okinawa specials (ep. 22, 23, 24 & 26), because they're all awesome dorks in it. :D If you have watched them all and experience a sort of general blinking sensation at this rec, watch them again and now focus on Maru. It's not difficult, he's like the main host of the show.
● He also co-hosts Shounen Club. This can be pretty awesome sometimes. Browse newshfan's Shounen club subbed videos (this link leads to the SC tag, not all her subbed vids) and download the ones that say they have Maru in it. Like Like this one, for example.
● And other people sub Shounen Club too. Bottom line of this one is: You know you want to see Maru laugh at Nishikido Ryo.
Maru meets a famous Hollywood Star (in 'part 3' of the show). He is absolutely terrified. (I think the Japanese entertainment industry in general wants Maru in a constant state of fear and embarassment.) It's nothing short of awesome. He also tells a salesgirl that he's 'KAT-TUN's Akanishi' and mentions that his character in Sushi Oji! will soon become a heru. Note that that is not a typo.
Maru was on SC Premium YES. I, for one, would give up a limb for subs of this. But you can still watch it, the overall line of the story is pretty understandable :D And there's tiny!Maru. Personally, I had no trouble just watching his face for half an hour without knowing what they were talking about, exactly. But that might just be me. (And the hand against his cheek thing asd;fj I typed about that half an hour ago. You will read about it, however, in a few lines from now.)

Other random stuff:
● So he doesn't do the hipthrust thing much. He does, however, have this cool wiggly thing going on. It's not as much sexy, as adorable- but that goes for a lot of Maru. Sightings of the wiggly thing: The making of Signal: 1.00 minute into this clip.. (Okay it's a tiny wiggle D: H-he sings cute though, doesn't he? :3)
● In 2007 he extends the wiggle to a lying-down full body wiggly while yelling 'tuna!' (and 'comment!' when Jin doesn't respond.) It's the most beautiful thing ever. I don't have anything to link you to specifically, but it's in one of the cartoon KAT-TUN Okinawa specials and you should watch all those from beginning to end anyway. :D
● So apparently (according to this) KAT-TUN thinks Maru has girly hands. This is important because Maru possibly has the prettiest hands *__* They are small and girly and I approve greatly. (He put his hand against his cheek like that ridiculously often in that episode. I have no idea why. But it was awesome.)
You can read the Maru trivia in that same post and be all 'awww'. (There's a special end note at that post that they don't know if everything's true for certain. Of course, we never do. But from what I heard from other sources, the Maru part at least sounds pretty trustworthy. :D ) There is no other important everyone-should-know trivia for me to tell after you read this list. D:
● Maru is the girliest in KAT-TUN. For real. Junno said so. (It has to be true if Junno said so. D:) If you want to hear it for yourself: music lovers. Maru just thinks his heart is naive.
● When he was ~tiny~ and just in JE he asked Johnny whether he had to be handsome to be a JE idol. Johnny asked him if he thought he was handsome. Maru answered that he thought he was 'just below average'. Johnny told him he was 'just above average.' (Maru told this in a Heart Disc segment on cartoon KAT-TUN.)
● Maru and Ueda went to the Lavender Fields together. I just wanted to put this here because it's the most exciting thing ever for KAT-TUN and it's mentioned again in every show they're on. KAT-T and the various show hosts still do not, after many assurations, believe that they slept in seperate rooms. Maru and Ueda say they did, but at a certain point Maru was quite upset at Ueda for telling it so strongly. D:


Maru is KAT-TUN's resident beatboxer. If there is one thing people know about Maru, that is it.

And he is really damn awesome at it. (as seen in the cartoon KAT-TUN II You concert.)
He was already awesome at it three years ago, too. I like the way he looks into the camera at the end. He knows you want him for his mouth.

Maru is not, unfortunately, one of KAT-TUN's lead singers. This is a fact labeled as 'tragedy', because he has a damn good voice. I won't lie and say he's better than Jin, but I definitely think he's the best singer of KAT-TUN after Jin, especially lately. (That is, I like Maru's voice better than Jin's, but Jin is technically better). He's got a wonderful voice- deep and soft and sort of nasal. (Or, as siriuslynow put it, "It reminds me of caramel." YES.) I LOVE IT SO MUCH TO IT.

Let's start with his rendition of 'Kizuna'. as;dsjkhfj. / mp3 rip. Nothing against Kame, but Maru's deeper voice suits the song much better. (In my humble opinion of course :D)
His solo in the Kaizoukuban concert, 'Jinx'. / mp3 rip.
His solo in the Real Face concert, 'My Weather'. / mp3 rip.
Understandable on SC. / mp3 rip. I didn't realize the first lyrics were in English until I saw the performance... D:
Maru and Ueda performing 'Your Side' together on SC Premium. / mp3 rip. It's so pretty *_* as;jhdbfj
● And best of all, key of life. ♥ Key of life was Maru's solo for the cartoon KAT-TUN II You album.
key of life, january 2007 (SC)
key of life, february 2007 (YouTachi)
download key of life, june 2007 (SC). (Here the change was made to the shiny purple suit.)
key of life in the cartoon KAT-TUN II You concert
mp3 of the cd version Key of life is my favourite song ever, it's so beautiful. He wrote the lyrics too. :D

Note: a comprehensive list of all the Maru songs I have (including duets etc.), can be found here, but you'll have to join the community to view it.


First I made this video section. Then I proceeded to put all the links to videos in the 'Hey let's get to know Maru :DD' section. Boo. D: Luckily, I have enough extra stuff.

Random clips:
This is the most awesome, awesome piece of fancam win ever. Ever. If I had one clip to take with me to an island where-I-would-land-alone-after-a-planecrash-island this would be it. The awesome starts about 40 seconds in. as;fkjdfhjfkgg ♥♥♥♥
● If I could take two nonsensical JE clips with me to that island, I'd take this one too. And no, I haven't got a clue what Yamapi thinks he's doing either. I just approve.
Koki and Maru read letters to eachother on SC. It's mainly Koki who is really hilarious here, but he's hilarious about Maru.
If I lived in Japan, I would watch shit for the commercial breaks.

PPOI [wiki] This is a drama from 1999, with Yamapi as the lead. Maru plays an obscure tiny classmate. He is one of the less obscure obscure classmates, though. :D And tiny. Like, really tiny. I cannot get over how tiny he was. And for the rest it's a really cute drama.
Sushi Oji! [wiki] A drama from 2007, where Maru acts alongside Domoto Koichi. Because Maru's name is second on the cast list, you sort of expect him to have a reasonable amount of screentime. This is not actually the case. D: But when he is around, he's all cute and flaily. For most of the drama. He also unbuttons his shirt a bit once.
● This year (April 2008) there will be a Sushi Oji! movie. :33 If you're curious, there are trailers available on the official site. The second trailer listed has Maru in it.


as;sdjf MARU IS SO PRETTY. He's got an adorable face. ♥♥♥ You can't deny the face.

Random pictures in random order, because I freaking gave up as;dkjf. But if you're interested, the third picture from above is my absolutely favourite, solely because the sheer happy makes my heart melt. ♥♥


KAT-TU loves Maru ♥

fandom-wise (or: but- is he shippable?)

I debated for a while whether to put this in too. But I figured it'd be ~useful and shiny~ for some people (at least, that's what I'm aiming for). If it's not your cup of tea, skip over this and I'll see you at the end notes. Or go back and see Maru flail around and be cute and embarrass himself. It's all good.

A crash course 'Maru In Fanfic'.

You can basically pair Maru with everyone in JE. I should know, I've been trying very hard. I'll go over several pairings and give a few recs for each of them. I will also blantantly rec my own crap, because it's not like there's an abundance of writers to choose from, plus it's my post. :D For the rest the recs are totally random things I liked that I managed to dig up. (I apparently lost half the fics I wanted to rec/I had bookmarked.) I hope that with this (and the shiny you picked up above), you can get a feel of Maru in fanfic. Then you can proceed to write me pron.

-- please?

● Kame/Maru (nakame)
This can be so cute :3 They can dote on each other and take care of each other and Maru can be silly and Kame all adult and worried about things. And then they cuddle. It can also be one of the two KAT-TU/Maru pairings you can credibly angst (the other being maruda). Evil!Kame fic and Maru gets his heart all angsted out.
Like Water Through My Fingers. by _wristcutshow_
Sex sells more then rock, so lets fuck and forget the background hum. by _wristcutshow_
a temporary matter. by spurnd
tonight's the night of no regrets. by spurnd

● Jin/Maru (nakanishi)
This is my OTP. ♥♥ Basically I ship, anything/Maru (the sad truth) but I ship Jin/Maru just a little more. Jin is hot. Maru is adorable. Together they fight crime are awesome. Jin terrorises Maru constantly (cartoon KAT-TUN anyone?) and it's freaking amazing. If you want to write them (you'd get my eternal devotion, for one), just write a mildly terrified and totally adorable Maru with Jin harassing him and actually meaning well, sort of, but it doesn't really come across. But don't worry: Maru always forgives him, because Jin's hot. And Jin always thinks Maru's adorable, because Maru is.
I already had a list of all nakanishi fics I know of. *_* Lately only sporadically updated, but there's still lots of stuff.

● Junno/Maru (maruno)
There is practically zilch fic of this, but- wouldn't it be incredibly adorable? They would flail and be ridiculous together and once in a while Maru would hit Junno over the head after a bad joke. After which Junno would back Maru in a corner and-
[ this is an empty spot *CRIES*]

● Koki/Maru (tanaka)
Instead of saying something like, 'yeah, these are definitely doing each other', please scroll back up to the 'who is he: translations' sector and read. This is an awesome pairing :D There was once this cartoon KAT-TUN (... yes. again. thankyou.) where Maru hid behind Koki while Koki told the rest of for terrorising Maru and it was all a;dfjfg (I'd cap if I had it on hand, but I don't D: It was in the half/half of the Horikita Maki ep.) They're good friends and they could be all awkward and fake-manly and embarrassed. But they'd feel each other up in the dark anyway. ♥
American girls really know their stuff. by aneighthdoman
All's Fair in War and Boybands. by whyjennifer

● Ueda/Maru (maruda)
This seems to be the most common Maru pairing around. And when I say 'common' I don't mean that it's ficced a whole lot, but I mean everybody just sort of seems to accept in general that they're doing each other.They go on trips together (the onsen, the lavender fields- both mentioned above) and stuff. Clearly OTP. In maruda fic, Ueda can be all angsty and feminine and Maru can be his adorable (sweet, so sweet) self and make Ueda feel better and they realize they're ~in love~ (or maybe they've been angsting about it for the entire fic) and first kiss and everything. Basically, I'm not crazy about maruda as a pairing. It's nice and all, but yeah. That said, they're really awesome to write. Mysterious tortured artist type? works every time. (Maru is of course his sweet best friend yada yada hot sex yada).
Mailbox. by mallorymaine
Only about the eleven-hundred-and-thirteenth vampire drama. No really. by encoded_panties
喜び | YOROKOBI. by encoded_panties
Painted Nails (work in progress) by ardentsinner

● Koichi/Maru
So, they were in this drama/movie thing together. Maru highly respects Koichi as his senpai. Koichi said about Maru (in the VCR bit of SC Premium) that Maru never says 'no' and that he's too reserved and be more forward. It's this whole senpai/kohai respect thing and it could be beautiful. (and they went to the US together for the movie.)
Damage control. by agirlcalledkil
Comfortable anyway. by encoded_panties

● Yamapi/Maru
... Okay, fine. I'll admit it's not logical, exactly. But it'd be really, really damn hot. Like, really. (And it's Yamapi. Everyone has sex with Yamapi.) And you saw Yamapi express an interest in Maru's crotch earlier on. And seriously, watch them armwrestle and try to deny it'd be hot if Yamapi just use his superious strength to press Maru up against a wall and feel him up properly this time. *_* I mean, what. :D
[I think I already gave away a limb, but I'd give a vital organ for Pi/Maru smut. I did write it myself (of course I did), but it's in something in-progress-not-posted. And, well, for me it's not fun if I wrote it.]

● Maki/Maru
OMG IT'S HET. Maki makes het alright, you know it does. Especially with Maru. I don't have much to say about this except that you should watch the cartoon KAT-TUN episode with Maki as guest and watch him have a big crush on her and beatbox his love. A lot of people noticed the love, apparently.
Cue Cards. by encoded_panties
Untitled. by cynicalism

● Ryo/Maru
I stared at the screen for a while wondering if I'd even dare to try and explain. B-but Maru did laugh at Ryo? :DD
Beautiful Eyes. by encoded_panties
So, if they'd jump off a bridge- by encoded_panties

● Koyama/Maru (koyamaru), Yoko/Maru, Ohkura/Maru, Massu/Maru. (a quick view of several other possibilities.)
Koyama and Maru host SC together. They both have high adorable levels. | Yoko tells how much he loves Maru in an interview. You have to join the forum to view it, but it's toally worth it. | Apparently Maru and Ohkura are good friends too, and Ohkura talked about him in his JWeb. | And Massu and Maru are shopping buddies.
Cheesecake equals comfort. (koyamaru) by encoded_panties

● Threesomes.
- Mix 'n match to make it more fun.
Play. (yamapi/jin/maru -- as;dfhjkghjkg YES.) by _wristcutshow_
The Sweet Smell of Fanservice (jin/koki/maru) by pixisity
Shiny moments of inspiration. (koki/kame/maru) by encoded_panties

end notes

So I'm possibly not very good at pimp posts (we live and learn). But I figured if I, with my usual trainwreck subtlety, just threw as much Maru at you as I could, it might help. I HOPE IT DID. ♥ And that you saw a bit of the awesomeness that is Maru. If you want to put your new knowledge of and love for Maru into practise and desire shiny ♥kizuna♥ with fellow Maru fans, you could add me to your flist :D join the yucchi_love comm. :D!

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